Notre Dame High School’s curriculum is enhanced with the integration of Apple iPads. It is the expectation that NDHS students have a charged iPad each school day.

iPad Requirements:
The student's iPad must be able to run at least iOS 13.3 and have at least 64 GB storage capacity. NDHS recommends the purchase of a current 2022 model. However, older models are acceptable if they meet the above requirements.

Current iPads Recommendations:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-in. — 128 GB, 256 GB

  • iPad Pro 11-in. — 128 GB, 256 GB

  • iPad Air 10.9-in. — 64 GB, 256 GB

  • iPad 10.2-in. — 128 GB

Please note that a used/older iPad may not be sustainable long-term, as Apple is likely to release a new iOS version.

Additional Information:
Notre Dame High School will inform families of textbook purchasing expectations in early June. Many courses utilize digital textbooks. Some of the fees for the digital textbooks were paid at the time of registration. Notre Dame High School will assist students with set-up for NDHS specific apps during orientation week in August. There are no fees for these applications and programs. The iPad is the responsibility and property of the student. Students need to care for, protect and secure the device at all times. Parents should strongly consider purchasing an extended warranty or insurance replacement program. Vendors will provide you with specifics concerning these options. Earbuds and an iPad case with a keyboard are helpful accessories to purchase but are not required.