Planned Giving

What is a Planned Gift?

It is a commitment made by a donor to ensure a permanent legacy through a direct or deferred gift that may take effect at death. Creating a will can be a life-affirming process — a time to reflect on who is important to you and how you can continue to support them through your estate. During this process, you also have the opportunity to recognize organizations that have made an impact in your own or your loved ones' life. A planned gift is an effective way to say thank you, to give back and to safeguard the future of Notre Dame High School. You can direct any planned gift to a specific giving destination such as tuition assistance, campus improvement, retreats and other faith-filled programs. Or you can give an unrestricted donation that allows the gift to be placed wherever it is needed most at that certain time, which would be deemed by the President and Director of Finance.

Ways to make a Planned Gift?

There are many ways to provide a lasting gift to Notre Dame High School: bequests under a will or trust, life insurance, gift of IRA or retirement plan, charitable gift annuity, stocks or real estate. For more information regarding these opportunities, please contact Mark Bayens, President, at If you already created a planned gift or plan to create one, we invite you to please share this information with us in order to ensure the proper placement of your future gift.

Please know a committed gift is a key component to the future of Notre Dame High School and we value your consideration of support. Thank you! 

Note: This information is for reference only. Please consult your tax advisor or IRA administer when considering a planned gift.