In Memoriam

The In Memoriam list is compiled only using information made available to Notre Dame High School from family members, classmates or friends of the recently deceased. If you become aware of an alumna death and would like to notify Notre Dame High School for In Memoriam purposes, please fill out the form HERE.

Spiritual Prayer Enrollment Cards

Spiritual Prayer Enrollment Cards from Notre Dame High School are a unique way to let someone know you are thinking of them. The recipient will be enrolled and remembered in the daily collective prayers offered by the students, faculty and staff of Notre Dame High School.

In Prayer Card

In Prayer Card

This card is for anyone that is celebrating a joyous and special time, such as an anniversary, baptism, birthday or marriage. It can also be sent to express encouragement or best wishes.

In Healing Card

In Healing Card

This card is a for anyone that is suffering (illness, injury, loss) or needs extra care. It is sent to express hope for healing and convey support during a difficult time.

In Memory Card

In Memory Card

This card is for an individual or family after the passing of a loved one. It is sent to express sincerest condolences and offer sympathy, as well as celebrate the life of the deceased.  

Due to the demand for our cards, we are limited to sending only a few to each person. We can send blank enrollment cards to United States addresses only. Please do not make a monetary offering/donation until you have used the card and have a name you wish to enroll in prayer. Request a sample pack of ND's Spiritual Prayer Enrollment Cards HERE.

Memorial Contribution / In Lieu of Flowers Cards

At a time of loss, people express sympathy for friends and loved ones in a variety of ways. If you have a loved one that has requested donations are made to Notre Dame High School in their name as a way to honor their memory and celebrate their life, we would like to help you fulfill this request with ease.

We offer memorial contribution card packages in a standard size so they can be simply placed at the visitation site and/or funeral memorial service. The card package includes (20) memorial contribution cards and envelopes along with a 5x7 of their senior class photo as a memento.

Once a contribution has been made to Notre Dame High School in loving memory of an individual, the family will be notified and the contribution will be listed in our bi-annual alumnae magazine, The LegeND, or can remain anonymous at the request of the contributor.

Please see the card example below and click HERE to request a memorial contribution card package.

In Lieu Card