College Prep

Notre Dame High School gives students an early start on collegiate success by utilizing a college prep approach on a high school campus. Students attend regular classes on a flexible modular schedule with teachers providing engaging instruction and learning. They also participate in small group discussions, apply knowledge and skills in labs and studios and have daily opportunities for independent study, research and cooperative learning (team) assignments. Each of these teaches the collegiate and workplace skills of time management, task management and human interaction that will make her a valuable asset wherever her future takes her. By giving students autonomy, they increase their self-confidence and learn to take responsibility for their continuous life-long learning in college and career.

College Credit

Notre Dame High School offers 30+ semester hours in college credit courses through Saint Louis University's 1818 program. Juniors and Seniors may enroll in 2 or 3 college credit courses in English, Mathematics, Science, World Language and AP U.S. History per semester, thus achieving 24 or more college credits before leaving high school. Notre Dame also offers 30 honors courses in each of these departments.