The Hallmark of ND

Since the 1970s, the heart of Notre Dame High School has been our Advisor Program. It reinforces our commitment to individual attention and ensures that each young woman has a place at NDHS. Each student is paired with an academic advisor. The two meet once per cycle to review grades, assignments and future tasks as well as check in on the student's social and emotional well-being. This close student-faculty relationship is a critical component in our education process.

100% of students are supported in-person and virtually with our 1:1 Advisor Program


Goals of Notre Dame's Advisor Program:

  • To ensure that each NDHS student has a professional from the school that meets with her regularly and advocates on her behalf

  • To emphasize the worth of the individual student

  • To recognize that each student is an individual that possesses personal interests and needs that are known by at least one professional at the school

  • To help each student develop a sense of self-advocacy to meet her potential, to progress academically and to see options to solve problems

  • To work in conjunction with concerned parties to create an appropriate and challenging program of study for the individual student