Here is what our graduates and parents have to say about the quality of education at Notre Dame High School:

We know that Notre Dame High School has prepared and provided all three of our daughters with the necessary skills to succeed first in college and then in their chosen careers.  Three daughters, three different colleges, three different careers – one high school.”  
            -Parents of members of the Class of 2009, 2012, and 2014

At Notre Dame, it was easy to balance a variety of classes and extracurricular activities.  Learning how to properly manage time and work is a skill that I will use even beyond college, and I feel prepared thanks to Notre Dame.
            -Clare, Class of 2014, attending Truman State University

I feel that I am truly prepared for college because the Notre Dame faculty and staff's number one priority is to help each student succeed with their time management skills while providing a positive learning environment.
            -Emma, Class of 2013, attending Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

Today, I had my college orientation. I was already surprised by how much Notre Dame had prepared me for that moment. When I was in the room with all the other students, the teacher explained to the students how the schedule worked, aka, the same thing as Notre Dame's schedule (1, 3, and 5 being the same core classes, 2 and 4 being the same elective classes). I had a smug smile on my face; I knew what to do already. Students around me raised their hands and questioned how it worked, and again, I just sat there, I had practice with this type of schedule for four years. I knew I was ready. When it was time to sign up for classes, I again felt comfortable and prepared. Notre Dame encouraged and built mature confidence in me. I saw other students hesitating to raise their hands, otherwise asking me or their friend what the faculty member had just said.

Notre Dame prepared me for this moment. I'm ready to go to Truman and conquer the world one college class at a time. I'm not afraid to ask teachers I don't know questions. I know how to be an independent adult and sign up for my classes because of the way ND does it online, and I know how the "scary college schedule" works. (The way it was similar to Notre Dame's was by having classes that were mandatory for the specific student, along with recommendations based on previous tests or interests the student indicated.) I don’t think there really is a bad school in the St. Louis area; however, through Notre Dame’s college-like schedule, course sign up process, and seminar classes, I know that I received the best college-prep education, because really, Notre Dame is the best living, breathing example for high school students of how college really works. I know I’m ready for Truman-thanks Notre Dame!
            -Mary, Class of 2012, attending Truman State University

At Notre Dame University- Baltimore, we have an Honors Convocation where the Freshman Class takes the Honor Code and initiates the new students into the Notre Dame community and there are other acknowledgements at the ceremony. Today, one of my professors told me that the faculty and staff usually select a member of the freshman class to give a speech to the class, family, and others attending the ceremony about the community and others things.... and she told me I was the chosen one!!! I WAS SHOCKED!!!! I was in disbelief because there are many others girls here that would be totally capable of the speech! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I am a little worried about what to wear and what to say, but most of all though I am so honored; this ceremony is huge on campus and for them to single me out is just incredible!

I just wanted to share this with you because it is something that should be shared!!! I am so pumped words can't even describe! I do miss Notre Dame STL, and of course, I miss my uniform A LOT!!!!

Thanks for everything; without ND none of this would be possible!
            - Kelsey, Class of 2010, attending University of Notre Dame- Baltimore

I would like to tell you that Notre Dame prepared me so well for college. It is my second day of classes at Rockhurst University and I feel like I am so far ahead of everyone else. Today we had a class on what a small and large group is, how to organize your time and how to  use your planners. We did all of that at  Notre Dame. Not only that but when I received my schedule I already knew how to read it because our schedule here looks identical to the schedule at Notre Dame. I feel very prepared, I saved my notes I took throughout my years at ND and I am using them for some of my classes as a resource.
Yesterday a couple Notre Dame girls and I were in calc. class and one of the girls just looked at me and was said "I wish we had Mrs. Sevem here with us."
I hope you have a great school year and thank you so much for the education that I received at Notre Dame.

            - Jen, Class of 2010, attending Rockhurst University

"We feel compelled and privileged to be able to spread the word about our experience at Notre Dame. Having had an older daughter graduate from one of the other Catholic high schools, I know firsthand that my ND graduate is better prepared for a college curriculum and will be better able to interact with her college professors thanks to her 4 years at Notre Dame.

Bottom line: One of the best compliments a parent can give to a school: Our daughter is prepared and ready to move onto the next step, but she is REALLY going to miss Notre Dame!"
            -Parents of a member of the Class of 2010

"One thing that is so unique about Notre Dame are the close relationships the girls develop with their teachers.  My girls saw Notre Dame as an extension of our family, a home away from home. In addition, the relationship with their advisor was so important and vital to the success of the girls at Notre Dame. I think this is so unique for high school."
            -Parents of a member of the Class of 2009 and 2011

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