Volunteer Introduction
Hello ND Parents and Guardians,

As the new school year begins, so do a number of activities and projects, which add to the spirit and sense of community at Notre Dame.  Each member of the community--students, parents, faculty, staff members and alumnae--brings his/her own expertise and talent to contribute to the common educational goals we share at Notre Dame.  Thank you in advance for all the ways you will help build up that spirit of community at Notre Dame this year.
The following forms list a number of volunteer opportunities available to you throughout the school year.  Each project needs many volunteers who can offer a variety of skills.  The time commitment varies from activity to activity at various times throughout the school year.  Please look at the lists carefully and choose a specific way in which you can share your time and talents with Notre Dame.  We ask each family to give a minimum of (5) hours of volunteer service.  With everyone doing their part, the responsibility is shared by many and the potential benefit to our students and to Notre Dame is then unlimited.

Thank you for your willingness and generosity.  You will be contacted when your help is needed as these events occur.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you during this school year.


Dr. Meghan Bohac

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