Christian Service Program

“Love is the sign through which the world should be convinced that we believe in Jesus.”
-Mother Mary Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger

Notre Dame High School has a long standing tradition of educating and developing compassionate Christian women.  Through service to others, we are answering the Gospel call to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”.  When we serve others, we truly are serving the body of Christ.   We believe that service to others is not an option, but a requirement for living the Christian life.  

As a school sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, we follow their mission and values of serving women, youth, and the poor.  Our Christian Service Program reflects the values of unity in diversity, community, global justice and responsibility.  The Christian Service program of Notre Dame encourages students to reach outside of themselves and their comfort zones to serve and meet those in need and to transform the world around them.

Goals of the Christian Service Program

The student will be able to recognize her God given abilities and learn how she can use her gifts to make a difference in the world.
The student will become reflective, grow in compassion, and respond to the needs of the people of God.
The student will recognize the injustice in her own community and beyond.  The student will realize that it is in giving that she receives; that in reaching out she herself is helped.
The students will learn to reflect on social situations and to bring a Christian message of hope to others.

Requirements of the Christian Service Program

Notre Dame students are required to earn 75 hours of Christian Service to graduate.  If a student transfers to Notre Dame 20 hours per academic year at ND is required.

By the beginning of senior year, 60 hours of service must be completed. Service hours are recorded by the campus minister.

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