Notre Dame High School Faculty and Staff Directory
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Name Position Department Extension Email 
Dr. Meghan Bohac President Administration 1131
Amy Bush
Head of Academics and Instruction Administration 1094
Heather Lawler
Head of Student Life and Discipline Administration 1111
Mark Bayens Athletic Director Staff 1016
Dr. Jeff Belcher Science Faculty 1438
S. Jan Berberich, SSND Religion Faculty 1404
S. Kathleen Brice, SSND Social Studies Faculty 1424
Tom Broekelmann English Faculty 1181
Mary Kate Buncher Campus Ministry Faculty 1109
Catherine Burkart Campus Minister Faculty 1096
Julie Cao Modern Language - Chinese Faculty 1416
Diana Chinnici Dance Faculty 1015
Susie Clark Alumnae and Events Coordinator Staff 1103
Pat Dreste Guidance Secretary Staff 2511
Kate Ellerbrake English Faculty 1426
Maureen Freitag Finance Office Assistant Staff 1092
Jaime Gast Director of Marketing and Special Events Staff 1101
Mary Godefroid Religion Faculty 1419
Kathleen Hess Learning Consultant Faculty 1531
Anna Hutchinson Modern Language - Spanish Faculty 1421
Sean Jones Modern Language - Spanish Faculty 1407
S. Joel Mackay, SSND Testing Center Faculty
Katie Mallette Director of Admissions Staff 1104
Mary McGuire Mathematics Faculty 1427
Amanda Meehan Librarian Faculty 1012
Beverly Miller Family and Consumer Science Faculty 1113
Marcia Neiman Registrar Staff 1035
Angela Oberle History Faculty 1423
Zoe Owen English Faculty
Monika Pagano Director of Finance Staff 1091
Jamie Pollard  Guidance Counselor Faculty 2531
Diane Pridmore Main Office Coordinator Staff 1071
Anna Roach Mathematics Faculty
Ellen Royal Art Faculty 1403
S. Celine Schumacher, SSND Science Faculty 2541
Joyce Sevem Mathematics Faculty 1444
Val Skurtu Maintenance Assistant Staff 1013
Tia Spencer Music and Drama Faculty 2571
Lisa Stadler Registered Nurse Staff 1074
Barb Van de Riet Learning Commons Coordinator Staff 1029
Pete Vogel Physical Education, Health, Business Faculty 2041
Jake Wenger Science Faculty 1409
Craig Wright Facilities Director Staff 1013


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