Technology at Notre Dame High School

Students and teachers utilize a variety of technology for learning and teaching throughout the Notre Dame campus. Both students and teachers interface with internet resources and utilize power point presentations for information sharing and presenting on interactive white boards. Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, Notre Dame became an iPad campus. Here are the FAQ's:

Apple iPad Initiative Questions & Answers

Is Notre Dame requiring all students to have an iPad for the 2017-2018 school year?

Yes. All students will be required to purchase an Apple iPad for the 2017-2018 school year. Students will also be required to purchase a protective cover and earbuds. A keyboard and any additional enhancements are at the discretion of the family. It is highly recommended that students obtain their iPads prior to the start of school in order to become accustomed to the device.

Which iPad should I buy?
All students are required to purchase an Apple iPad for the 2017-2018 school year.  The newest model, the iPad Pro, is available in two sizes.  Either size is acceptable, but we recommend that you buy the 128g capacity iPad.  The iPad Air2 may still be available and is an acceptable model if purchased with at least 64g of capacity.  As we add more digital textbooks, the larger capacity becomes more important. We highly recommend that you protect your investment by purchasing a protective case to minimize any damage to it.  Most classes require the students to have their iPad in class daily, and most textbooks are delivered electronically through the iPad. This makes the student’s iPad a daily necessity.
The purchase of additional items such as a keyboard, insurance, stylus, earbuds, etc. is up to your discretion.
If shopping at Best Buy, please use our BEST BUY REWARDS PROGRAM: Please give Rewards number (2863722716) to the cashier with any purchases (including iPad purchase).  

Will Notre Dame High School provide financial aid for the purchase of an iPad?
No. Notre Dame is committed to helping parents and students, but all available funding must still go towards financial aid and scholarships for school tuition.

May students opt out of buying the iPad?
No. Notre Dame made the decision to become an iPad school after extensive research based on reliability, the availability of textbooks, software, battery life, etc. Though we understand other electronic devices or tablets exist, we feel that the iPad will best suit the educational needs of our students.

Will Notre Dame be providing or selling the iPad?
No. Given the availability to purchase the iPad through different vendors, we feel that families need to make the purchase from a company or store of their choice. Parents may also have the option for various payment plans
and financing through some vendors. To have Notre Dame provide the iPads creates additional costs for staffing requirements and replacement machines.

Will all textbooks be replaced next year and will I need to purchase additional software?
Notre Dame is using a multi-year transition with our textbooks. Some courses will continue to use the hard cover text books until electronic editions are available. We will inform parents of which books will have electronic versions when the book lists are published in the spring.  It should be noted that the 4-year savings over the pre iPad textbook cost is much more than the price of the iPad.

What happens if a student breaks her iPad or if it goes missing or stolen?
Similar to cellphone and other personal property

of the student, the iPad is the responsibility and property of the family who purchased it. It will be up to the student to properly care for, protect (especially the touch-screen), and secure the device at all times. Parents should strongly consider purchasing an extended warranty or insurance replacement program. Vendors will provide you with specifics concerning these options.  You may be able to add it to your homeowners insurance at a minimal cost.

Other Technology Available

There are over 250 computers available for student use on the Notre Dame campus. These computers are equipped with state of the art programs and applications which enable students to become familiar with technology. There are also computer labs dedicated to a specific area; for example, the digital photography lab features computers with advanced photo editing and publishing software. Notre Dame values the interaction between student and teacher in the classroom: therefore, they choose not to participate in a laptop program.

Notre Dame students also employ other technological instruments. For example, in science classes, students integrate electronic probes and processors to collect and analyze data. Journalism students conduct interviews via video clips to create broadcast news and teachers host on-line courses, giving students experiences with learning modes that will be an integral part of their future. All students have the opportunity to use the interactive Promethean boards for a state of the art learning experience. Students learn creative techniques with digital photography and graphic design in Art, while others use computer software to complete Interior Design projects in the Family and Consumer Sciences department.

All students and faculty have a school e-mail account and, in many cases, turn in assignments electronically, effectively simulating the college experience. Notre Dame also utilizes electronic on-line grading, posting students' academic achievements for parents and students to review 24/7. The school also uses Facebook and Twitter to communicate with students, parents and other constituents.

Most of the communications between Notre Dame and parents, students, and alumnae are available electronically through the school Web site and other on-line programs.


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