Our Primary Goal
The primary goal of the Notre Dame High School guidance and counseling program is to empower Notre Dame students to progress in the three domains of academic, personal/social, and career development. Each domain includes standards and competencies to guide our comprehensive guidance program. 

Academic development—includes the acquisition of skills, attitudes, and knowledge which contributes to effective learning in school and throughout life.

Career development—includes the foundation for the acquisition of skills, attitudes, and knowledge which will enable students to make a successful transition from school to career.

Personal/social development—includes the acquisition of skills, attitudes, and knowledge to help students understand and respect self and others, acquire effective interpersonal skills, and develop into contributing members of society.

The guidance and counseling program assists students in becoming responsible adults who can develop realistic and fulfilling life plans based on clear understandings of themselves and their needs, interests, and skills.  Educational career plans are developed, reviewed, and updated periodically in accordance with students’ post-graduation educational and occupational goals.  Continued attention is given to assisting students to develop competence in decision-making, career planning, working with others, and taking responsibility for their own behavior.

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Notre Dame A+ Program Handbook

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Cynthia Mayer

Learning Consultant

Mrs. Kathy Hess

Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Pat Dreste


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