Notre Dame gives students an early start on collegiate success by utilizing a college prep approach on a high school campus. Students attend regular classes on a flexible modular schedule with teachers providing engaging instruction and learning. They also participate in small group discussions, apply knowledge and skills in labs and studios, and do independent research and participate in cooperative learning (team) assignments. By putting students in the "drivers seat" of learning, they increase their self confidence and learn to take responsibility for their own continuous life-long learning in college and career.

Students receive a course syllabus (outline and expectation sheet) at the beginning of every course. They have advance notice on homework assignments as class assignments are given in units of study which cover 1-3 weeks of homework aligned with instructional topics.

Most homework assignments have weekly and bi-weekly deadlines. A variety of tests and other assessments provide accountability for academic achievement. All students take semester exams in core subject areas.

Students have daily opportunities for independent study, research, and team project work. Each of these teaches the collegiate and workplace skills of time management, task management, and human interaction that makes her a valuable asset wherever her future takes her.

The learning environment offers students personalized attention as teachers are available to confer one-on-one with students between classes. In addition, each student has an academic advisor who meets with students 1 on 1 every 6 school days to track academic progress and to provide positive support for achievement. Through this four year experience, students gain confidence in relating well to adults and learn to take increased responsibility for their learning. The student's advisor also serves as the school's communication liaison with parents regarding their daughter's academic progress and achievements.

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